apologize for the confusion.  i took this post down immediately because it posted on the “home” page of the blog and i want it on the “what is anne doing?” page.  apparently that is not possible, so i’m a bit miffed about that.  but i’m trying to resolve it, and for now it may appear on both pages, but as an edit on the “what is anne doing?” page, so it won’t post anywhere unless i put it on the “home” page.  this was not supposed to be about me.  that’s why i made a separate page!!  so sorry about all this.

i mentioned a few days ago that i would post some in-process photos.  i’m finally getting to two of them.  in these photos, all the soldering is complete, so they are ready to go.  i am not disclosing the series name yet, but the pieces do have their names within the series.

these will be pendants and the tubing at the top is wide enough to allow the chain to pass through and make them wearable.  fairly long.  each one is at least 4 inches, maybe more.  can’t seem to get myself to make small pieces.  customer limiting feature about myself, for sure.

born of plenty, is now fully enameled but it will be a few more days until i get photos of that.  in the photo, you see the liquid medium fusing clear 303 applied to the inside of born of plenty.  you are seeing it after it has dried.  no firing has happened as of this photo.

the other piece, constraints, has no enamel applied yet.

give me any feedback you want.  always open to growth.

here is born of plenty:

born-of-plenty-for-bam-DSCN7059 inside-born-of-plenty-better-for-bam-DSCN7063

and here is constraints:

constraints-for-bam-DSCN7068 constraints-for-bam-DSCN7071

that would be it for now.  signing off.  late……………



photo larry sanders

looks like i still don’t get this too well.  meant to publish my schedule on this page.  seeing if i can move it!

hello all,

thought i’d post my teaching schedule for 2015.  it may still change, but this is what i have now.

April 18 – 19, 2015, Callenwolde Fine Arts Center, Atlanta, GA. Some Like it Hot: Torch-fired Enamels.

May 29 – 31, 2015, Pullen Art Center, Raleigh, NC. Some Like it Hot: Torch-fired Enamels.

June 1 – 6, 2015, Tennessee Tech/Appalachian Center for Craft, Cookeville, TN. Enamel & Setting as Equal Partners.

June 18 – 20, 2015, The Grass Roots Gallery, Rochester, NY. Enamel & Setting as Equal Partners.

July 26 – 31, 2015, John Campbell Folk School, Brasstown, NC. In the Line of Fire: Torch-fired Enameling.

August 15 & 16, 2015, Fuller Craft Museum, Brockton, MA. Some Like it Hot: Torch-fired Enamels.

August 21 – 23, 2015, Littleton Studio School, Littleton, NH. Enamel & Setting as Equal Partners.

you can google these places to register or contact them.  the rochester and littleton classes are full.

i will try to post my exhibition schedule in the next few days as well as some work in progress.  i need to take some photos to post up  here.  i haven’t been able to get to the workshop with all the snow.  it’s 7 miles away and i would rather not be driving in all this snow, given the snowstorm i weathered a few weeks ago on the way home from littleton, nh.  boy, was that heavy snow!

thanks for reading!



One thought on “WHAT IS ANNE DOING?

  1. I just discovered your blog Anne and I really enjoy it. Thank you for your effort to keep art in our world. It matters!!!


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