BECAUSE ART MATTERS!  i wish i could say that with enough emphasis.  that is why this blog/web site is being formed.  in this day of cutting art & music classes and programs in curriculums across the country, and particularly for our youngest learners, we will be left with a population of people under-exposed, under-appreciating, and not understanding what it is to respect, love, and cherish art & fine craft.

BAM VT!!  Because Art Matters Vermont is dedicated to presenting information that will be useful to patrons of the arts and artists alike, in this, the year of the arts in the state of vermont.  it will also, hopefully, be a way to expose many people to the very talented artists in the state of vermont that attempt to make their living through their chosen medium.  no easy task with all the imports that cost so much less but are not made with the love and dedication that our very own local artists pour into their work.

the image you see at the top of the blog pages is enamel on copper with graphite and firescale (the charred carbon remains of metal that has deteriorated from the application of intense high heat).  it was fired onto the copper using a torch.  this is just a small cross-section of a much larger piece of jewelry, which i will post on the “what is anne doing” page.

i am one of a number of enamelists crusading to resurrect an art form that is little understood and not seen widely.  there are varying opinions as to why it has disappeared from common usage, but i can tell you it is an extremely time-consuming endeavor and virtually all its value is in the labor applied to create it and not the materials used.  the pieces are small but quite expensive and sadly, many people equate value with size and not the sheer force of determination to create the precious piece of art.

a few words about the creator.  my name is anne havel or anne havel maiello, anne marie havel, or anne marie maiello.  there’s more, but why go there.  the short version of a very very long story is i was required to go back to my maiden name in 2013 when i needed an enhanced driver’s license and everything had to agree with my social security number.  as that had remained in my maiden name all these many years, which is maiello, the changes had to happen, but i had not been known by that name since 1981.  the art world knows me as anne havel but i am tossed up about how to identify myself.

i have never been very attached to a name.  in 1998, when i began my jewelry business i wanted a certain font and a certain size tag.  the marie did not fit so out it went and i became anne havel.  and so it has been since and it is how one would find me using a google search.  but this blog is not about me.  just thought i would let you know a little about myself.

it is a never ending struggle to try to reap success in the world of art & craft.  i decided yesterday (january 31, 2015) that i want to do something to help the world of artists and since 2015 has officially been declared THE YEAR OF THE ARTS by the state of vermont (where i live), why not start now?  it seems like the perfect time.

in pursuit of this goal, i will attempt to present artists, their work, galleries, exhibitions, and as many artistic venues, schedules, presentations, and anything else i encounter as i can manage.

i hope you will visit the site often and find it useful when seeking something or someone artistic to visit within the state.  please share it with as many people as you believe will find it useful and beneficial.  happy art hunting!

4 thoughts on “About

  1. How good that you are doing this. Greatest good luck. I hope you share your blog with the Vermont Arts Council, which is the driving force behind having the Year of the Arts declared in Vermont. We ARE an incredibly artist state. And the arts DO belong EVERYWHERE.


    1. i’m sorry barbara. i did not know this reply was here until just now.

      i tried but did not seem to get anywhere. do you have any suggestions? i would love it if they shared this information with others.


  2. Hi Anne,

    I’m wondering if you would be willin to review my exhibit that is at the Living Room in Essex Junction? I’m an emerging artist living in Richmond and we have a mutual friend in Mary Hill. My art business is rally gaining momentum and by the fall I will be represented as far away as FL. I’d love an honest critique of my work so that j can include it in look books I put together for galleries and agents. Let me know if you have questions or want to chat first? I’m hosting an event at the LR next Thursday evening if you want to come and check it all out.


  3. hi emily, thank you so much for the invitation to review your exhibit. i’m wondering if we can chat through email. i sent you a facebook request and i can send you my email through the messaging there. if you would then send an email, i would be grateful and we can continue that way. thank you again!


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