Joe Chirchirillo, Highly Awarded Sculptor of North Bennington

Joe Chirchirillo, Sculptor

joe chirch 1

joe is the guy on the right!

joe chirchirillo is not only an exceptional sculptor, but musician as well.  one can see joe in one of his bands–Passin’ Thru or BuzzSaw Boys, playing around the vermont/new york area on a regular basis.  not to be missed–they are good!

Joe Chirchirillo has been creating sculpture since the early 1970’s.  i guess you could say joe knew what he wanted to do from an early age.  bring art to the world in an unforgettable way, and that is what he has continued to do now for well over forty years.

joe chirch 7 ny joe chirch 8 branch o matic

After attending college in New York and Arizona, he moved to the New York Metro area and settled in Jersey City, New Jersey in 1979. He was part of the first wave of artists moving to this outpost across the Hudson, building the budding art scene there. In the early 1980′s he was involved with artists from lower Manhattan and Brooklyn who were putting on large shows in abandoned buildings and blighted urban lots. during this time joe’s work was reviewed in Art Forum, Art in America, Vanity Fair and on numerous occasions in the New York Times.

His work in these shows were the basis for his 1986 NEA fellowship and New Jersey state council fellowship grants. Corporations such as KPMG Peat Marwick and Mutual Benefit Life added pieces to their collections in these years. In the 1990’s he began to experiment with kinetic sculpture, looking for a way to examine the similarities and contrasts between the natural and mechanical world. During these years he had several successful one-man shows in Manhattan and large firms such as Cleary Gottlieb and Skadden Arps commissioned pieces for their offices.

let’s see some of joe’s current work (i cannot find images of older work):

joe chirch 4 worcester ma joe chirch 2 meredith nh

Over the last 7 – 10 years he has been working on  developing large scale outdoor pieces. During this time he has successfully completed many commissions for art centers, individuals, and collectors. The focus on creating outdoor work allows for a spontaneous and natural feel but it will also have to stand up to the rigors of weather in the Northeast.

joe’s work has recently evolved to the subject of water.  without water there would be no life; this has been the theme, the driving force for his work of the past 10 years. the sculptures are inspired by the look and sound of water moving over the surface of rocks and it is joe’s intent that they be viewed as “landscape sculpture”. They are a re-creation of a river or stream and at their core are about the experience of place.

joe’s hope is by juxtaposing the found objects with the rough concrete that he contrasts the natural and man made, hopefully reflecting on the human impact on the environment.

joe chirch waterdolmen3

this piece is water dolman, 2012, and i believe it is installed at salem art works in salem, ny.  joe has several sculptures installed there and they are so exciting to view and touch.  he did a residency there some 10 years ago, and his pieces are still going strong, giving testimony to his work being able to sustain the difficult northeast weather.

there are so many ways to reach joe!

web site:


address:  PO Box 512, North Bennington, VT  05257

phone:  802-442-3328

cell:  201-983-9062


i would also like to add that joe ran a successful kickstarter campaign for the north bennington outdoor sculpture show, which begins tomorrow, july 11, 2015 at 4pm with a kick-off party!  please check out their fb page for details:

joe also makes bird baths and benches, which i was unable to upload due to format issues.  please check joe’s web site for these beauties at:

again, please support a vermont artist that brings beauty to us via our eyes and our ears.  his work is impeccable and highly accomplished and the list of exhibitions which have included his work is monumental.  visit salem art works, the north bennington outdoor sculpture show, or even his studio (call or email first!).  he also has work installed around the northeast–meredith, nh, worcester, ma, pittsfield, ma, bennington, and more that i probably did not encounter.  this is the year of the arts in vermont!  help make it successful and know that you are helping one of your fellow vermonters make a living from their work.

again, you are thanked.  a parting sculpture:

joe chirch 6 pittsfield ma

global cooling device, installed in pittsfield, ma

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