Mary Hill, Artist

Mary Hill

mary hill 15

mary hill’s path to her art degree was quite unconventional.  she decided to be an aritst first and then get her degree some 30 years later.  back then, she struggled to pass her math class and left school, because, after all, she was an artist and it did not matter!  but she decided it did matter and she would earn that degree as a gift to her parents.  and earn it she did, graduating this past may 16, a week after her son graduated from college.  what a very proud household this past may, and we can tell husband rick was no exception to the proud factor.

mary hill 7 mary hill 6

mary grew up in shelburne, vermont, looking at the adirondacks and lake champlain.  the lake provided the sun, wind, waves, movement, and color that have undoubtedly been a source of inspiration for mary’s work.  at an early age, mary went to the shelburne craft school, which provided art classes for children, and thus began the journey that still continues today.

over the years mary has studied at various institutions–johnson state college, suny purchase, parsons school of design, and with various individual artists including local artist carol macdonald.

most likely it is time to feature some of mary’s work:

mary hill 13 mary hill 25

in 1999 mary began her banner business, which still continues today.  in 2007, eight years after she launched the banners, she was accepted in the vermont studio school and was afforded the opportunity to explore this art more deeply, and since then has continued to expand her painting style, which she utilizes in this business and the many paintings she creates.

she offers community banner painting projects as well as individual or group banner painting classes.  she’ll bring all the materials into a town and they will create these fantastic banners that will last for years, created by the town members.  what a way to celebrate, keep it local, and have ownership of the art!  some community banners she helped morrisville, vt create (these are 20 feet tall!!):

mary hill 16 mary hill 17 mary hill 18 mary hill 21

and some individual banners–complete & in-process:

mary hill 19 mary hill 20

these days mary lives and works in underhill, where her studio overlooks mt. mansfield and she lives with her husband rick.  she hosts art retreats, monthly classes and bootcamps, creates greeting cards from her many images, and is continuously painting.  let’s see a few more pieces of art work:

mary hill 11 mary hill 22

where in the world can i find mary hill??

there are many ways to find or reach mary:

web site:


phone:  802.793.8277


address:  52 Kelly Rd. Underhill, VT 05489  (call before you decide to just pop-in)

mary is an artist that believes in the power of community.  the writer of this blog does too–community, local, support, making it here.  please support your local artists, creators, thinkers, brave souls that have no steady paycheck at all except for the good graces of those that choose to support our artistic endeavors.  see the vision.  see the future.  support mary hill and other local artists like her when you need any gift for someone that is made here in vermont!

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