kristin richland–whimsical & strange creature illustrator

kristin richland “sweet enemy art”

kristin r 1 sketching

kristin drawing

kristin had creative parents.  she got to take the shortcut to creativity which probably explains a lot about her work and subject matter.

she graduated in 1999 from maine college of art (meca) in Portland, ME with a BFA in graphic design.  after graduating, she moved back to vermont and in 2006 she and her soon to be hubby bought a place in underhill.  they each have a studio within it and kristin officially started her business on april fool’s day of 2009.

she describes her illustrations as wise dogs, cranky cats, graceful beings and gently creepy ones, too.  she paints on eggs, paper, canvas, and also on wood. not too many substrates elude her methods of color and line application. kristin enjoys the spookier side of the art world as much as the cuter side, so consider yourself warned.

it must be time to present some work, because the fingers are twitching. some of the graceful but ever so unusual animals will be up first:

kristin r 9 kristin r 1

kristin’s explanation is that she is illustrating stories that have yet to be written.  perhaps that is why she is currently involved with a kickstarter campaign for a book called “The Crown of Secrets”.  it is a book of stories and pictures about wonder and imagination. It’s for children, adults, and everybody else.  she is illustrating two of the stories contained in the book!

This is all happening thanks to Jeremiah Christie, a writer who approached her several years ago to do some brainstorming. Jeremiah has come up with a dozen stories and poems and in collaboration with kristin and seven other artists, they are trying to fund the creation of the book.  here is a link to listen to the story of the realization of the book (couldn’t help myself–had to contribute) and a link to help fund it.  they are giving wonderful gifts for a very very small donation, so please help if you can.

time now for more beautiful and slightly strange work by kristin, some of my faves, as i am always drawn to that which relates to the under water world:

kristin r 6 kristin r 3kristin r 8

kristin r 5 kristin r 4 kristin r 7

so, why “Sweet Enemy” as her business name? it was bestowed upon her when making cakes for a living, her hubby saying:  “you’ve brought home yet another cake–so evil, but so tasty”.   and ever since, she has found it to be a good fit for the reactions her artwork generates.

kristin is also a panelist of the vermont crafts council during their creativity conference.  it is happening may 2, 2015.  if i were not going to be in kansas city trying to sell my work, i’d be attending this conference.  anyone can register and their is a full slate for the whole day.  it is at goddard college and the hours are 8 am – 4 pm.  the link for many details and registration:

kristin r 1 smiling

how do i find this dynamic artist, i hear you saying (and she loves cats!)?

there are many ways to find and reach kristin:


web site/blog:

older web site, but cool art:




address:  52 Maple Ridge Road,  Underhill, VT 05489

cell:  802-399-8063

open studio tour:  kristin participates in the open studio tour each year during memorial day weekend.  this year it is saturday may 23 & sunday may 24. she is in underhill, vt, in chittenden county.  more information can be found at:

some parting photos, but not before i toot the horn of buy from a vermont artist.  support the local economy, and actually that of the entire nation.  the artists featured in this blog are fantastic people and artists and we would greatly appreciate your support.  because art matters now and always.  BAM VT.  if you read this blog post, please pass it along/share it with as many as you can.  revolutions start from within.

kristin r 12 kristin r 11


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