epoch – 18 vermont artisans gallery manchester, vermont

Epoch – 18 Vermont Artisans Gallery


our second featured gallery is Epoch – 18 vermont artisans in manchester, vt.  a relatively new gallery on the scene, about 5 years old, epoch is a cooperative art and craft gallery–it is operated, staffed, and managed by its member owners.  what does that mean for you?  a delightful experience because you will be greeted by one of the artists who is both a member of the gallery and knowledgeable about all the artists and their work, thus offering a unique view of the creative process.

here are a couple examples of the work of member artist, lucy bergamini, a very well know glass artist here, who just happens to live in our town of pawlet, vt:

epoch 3 cropped epoch 12

Currently, the gallery represents: Lynn Adams, Lucy Bergamini, Nobushi Fuji’i, Bob Gasperetti (previously featured in this blog so scroll down), David Gessner, Jen Herzer, Jody Halliday, Highbeams–trenny robb & bob michaud (also previously featured in this blog–yes, scroll down), Johnny Hinrichs, Ellen Howard, Peter Huntoon, Margaret Miller, David Munyak, Sandra Owens, Nicholas Seidner (yet another featured artist in this blog!  yep, down again.) and Jennifer Violette.  obviously good taste by both the gallery and this blog!!

some of the other work available at the gallery includes wood artists david munyak & guest artist john long, and long-time member ellen howard:

epoch 5 jphn long guest artist

image copyright by artist:  john long

epoch 4 david munyak

image copyright by artist:  david munyak


ellen howard 8

images copyright arists:  top: john long, middle: david munyak, bottom: ellen howard.

you will find most media available at the gallery:  wood, glass, jewelry, fiber, clay, photography, sculpture, blacksmithing, stained glass, watercolors, wood pens, fine furniture, and more.  the gallery has clean, spacious lines.  there is never a cluttered feeling so you can fully experience each work of art you encounter.

epoch also features guest artists for a 3 or 4 month period of time.  currently the gallery is featuring:  john long, jon olsen, steve bronstein, leslie koehler, and gary starr.

some final images from some previously featured artists in this blog:

bob gasperetti mission sideboard5

trenny 6 seidner rosenmiller 11

images copyright arists:  top: bob gasperetti, middle: high beams, bottom: nicholas seidner.

where is epoch?

4927 Main Street
Manchester Center, VT


email:  create@epochvermont.com

 web:  http://www.epochvermont.com/

Gallery Hours

M – Th: 10 – 5
F & Sat: 10 – 6
Sunday: 10 – 4

a peak inside the gallery:

Epoch inside

once again, because art matters, shop with a local vermont artist or gallery.  you will be supporting a hard working individual artist who will greatly appreciate your support.  BAM VT thanks you for your support.


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