BAM presents matthew tell, clay artist

Matthew Tell

matthew tell 6

matthew at work, creating.

BAM VT is honored to present matthew tell, an almost 40 year clay artist, playing with clay in the town of marlboro in our glorious state of vermont.

It all started in senior year of high school back in the year of 1976.  He took his first ceramics class and was immediately drawn to the wonderful quality of clay – its plasticity, which could only be limited by the imagination.  that seemed to seal his fate, and he proceeded to study ceramics with Malcolm Wright and Michael Boylen at Marlboro College.

following his passion after graduating, he and seven other potters, started the Brattleboro Clayworks in 1983, a pottery collective, that still exists today. Matthew moved his studio to its present location in Marlboro in 1988 and built his wood-fired kiln in 1993.

a sample of matthew’s work:

matthew tell 7 matthew tell 5

Matthew is influenced by his environment–the Green Mountains of Vermont. This is reflective in the suggestive landscapes and colorful earth-tone glaze overlays he uses to decorate his pots.  his dialogue with clay is articulated in the 6,000 year old tradition of the functional vessel. he likes the idea that his pieces become part of people’s everyday life.

firing in a wood kiln suits his work best because he feels the process most closely relates to the individual pieces. The fire goes through each piece in the chamber and tells a surprising story every time.  it’s a beautiful surprise every time a firing is complete.

a few more examples before we tell you how to find matthew and what he is up to these days:

matthew tell 4

matthew tell 9

matthew tell 2

upcoming events where you can find matthew’s work:

March 25 6:00- 9:00 pm & March 26 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Artspace 2015 Pottery Sale

Greenfield Community College, Greenfield, Ma

email for the event:

Wood Firing Workshop at his studio
April 25-26
Matthew Tell Pottery
163 Potters Hill Rd
POBox 232
Marlboro,VT 05344

other ways to reach matthew:

web site:


matthew also participates in open studio each year on memorial day weekend.  check the vermont crafts council web site closer to the date for information.

and after a job well done:

matthew tell 11

please support another fine vermont artist once again, because art matters, vermont and truly, everywhere.




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