BAM VT’s first gallery presentation: vermont artisan designs, brattleboro

Vermont Artisan Designs

vermont artisan designs 1

vermont artisan designs downstairs

because art matters vermont (bam vt) is about to make our first gallery presentation through the blog!  it is the beautiful gallery Vermont Artisan Designs at 106 main st in brattleboro.  the stunning interior just seems to invite you to absorb the amazing colors and art that abound on every shelf and wall.

you will find functional and decorative work from well-established and emerging artisans.  the gallery features a full range of media from paintings–representational to abstract, sculpture, paper, metal, mixed media, stone, and glass.  no gallery would be complete without a full compliment of pottery; fiber–wearable and decorative; carefully turned salad bowls; exquisitely finished furniture, as well as a great selection of Judaica, kaleidoscopes, chimes, and photographs that capture the essence of Vermont.

a sampling of some of the work you will find:

vermont artisan designs 9 robert chatelain vermont-artisan-designs-9-ivy-frieze-redo

left: robert chatelain.  right: ivy frieze.  images copyrighted by the artist.

vermont artisan designs joseph fichter

image copyrighted by artist: joseph fichter.  this is 33″ wide and substantial.

vermont artisan designs bruce campbell

image copyrighted by artist:  bruce campbell.  it rotates and moves.

so, what’s new and exciting at the gallery in march?

every first friday there is a gallery walk in brattleboro.  there are more than 30 venues that participate in this monthly event.  the next one is slated for march 6, which coincides with the opening of the area high school student pottery and sculpture show at the gallery.  they are proud to be hosting this event again, and it is part of student art month in brattleboro.  some reminders of the event from last year are in these pictures:

vermont artisan designs 6 vermont artisan designs 5 vermont artisan designs 4 vermont artisan designs children

also during march vermont artisan designs will be featuring new work by warren kimble.  there will be old staples and new work that he is pursuing. some of his newer work:

warren kimble warren kimble 3

the images are copyrighted by the artist and please visit warren’s web site for more details about his latest work series’ let the sun shine and widows of war.

please take a moment to consider vermont artisan designs in brattleboro when making purchases for loved ones or yourself.  you will be supporting many local artists in so doing.  ways of contacting the gallery:


web site:

address/phone:  106 Main Street Brattleboro, VT | 802.257.7044

a few final paintings:

vermont artisan designs 9 deedee jones pastel vermont artisan designs 8 deboarah randall oil

left: deedee jones.  right: deborah randall.  images copyrighted by artist.

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