presenting the zipper lady–stacie mincher

stacie BFP-picture-22

A life-long pack rat and dumpster diver, stacie began her line of zipper jewelry and objects in 2005.  she quickly became known as “the zipper lady”, creating unique, affordable, fun pieces with whole zippers from which she cuts off the fabric tape, then stands them up or flips them on to their sides.  you could say she’s got the upcycled market all “zipped up.”

stacie’s grandmother’s zipper collection was the first to be devoured by her new found passion.  since then, she has had to scour craig’s list, freecycle, rummage sales, thrift stores and the like.  she welcomes anyone’s unwanted zipper collections, so feel free to contact her through one of the many methods of reaching her.

a sample of her work seems to be in order:


those are some of her pins.  she also makes them smaller as earrings.  quite colorful, wouldn’t you say?  and they are only about $38!  would they not be a perfect valentine’s day gift??

so, if you are saying, can i see her right away?  the answer is yes!  she will be here this coming weekend (february 14 & 15):

vermont artisans trunk show, woodstock, vt, at the norman williams library

a small, intimate 3 year old show.

there are about 13 artists there, including:  ellen howard, david kaczynski, andrea trzaskos, carolyn guest, and others.


if you would like to travel to deerfield, ma, she will be there at the old deerfield craft fair, march 7 &  8

and, she will be at the beCAUSE craft fair march 14 at st. michael’s college, colchester, vt.  50% of artists profits go to artist designated charity.  stacie’s is the middlebury studio school, where she takes pottery classes.

more photos anyone?

stacie Zipper-Boxes stacie-Zipper-Barrettes-bam

here are a few of the galleries that carry stacie’s work:,  7 center st, brandon,  vt  802.247.4956,  85 church st, burlington, vt  802.863.6458,  89 main st, city center montpelier, vt  802.229.9492

and, you can always find out more on her web site:

we hope you will shop with stacie because art matters!  thank you from BAM VT, because art matters vermont.

oh, one last photo of a clock:

stacie Clock-a-doodle-doo bam


3 thoughts on “presenting the zipper lady–stacie mincher

    1. hi wanda,
      thanks for the thoughtful comment about stacie. please like the blog, if you will, and add it to your facebook. that can help spread it throughout vermont. my goal is to have this reaching as many vermonters as possible and visitors to the state so more of us artists can be supported by each other and tourists. thanks again and i truly appreciate your time.


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