our next artists, rising meadow pottery–diane rosenmiller and nick seidner

seidner rosenmiller couple 3

the year was 1998.  rising meadow pottery was born and nicholas seidner & diane rosenmiller began a journey of functional pottery making in their studio and home in middletown springs, vermont.  and they have never looked back.  their location is equipped with studios, kilns, teaching facility and a gallery.  here is their gas fired salt/soda kiln loaded and with assistance from nick himself (impressive, isn’t it?):

seidner rosenmiller 2 seidner rosenmiller 7

a couple of children and many, many pots later, these two keep creating beautiful, functional works of art every day.  part of the beauty of their work is how conscientious and resourceful they are.  like many vermonters, their care for the environment and the artistic process are paramount.

nick’s curiosity and desire for using local materials first began while driving past the local slate quarries.   he showed up in his truck with buckets and a shovel and asked permission to collect the abundant waste material. he fell in love with the material, developed a variety of iron bearing glazes, and uses it as a straight slip to decorate bisque ware.  this lead to the pursuit of other local materials that are all used to this day in their glazes and slips.

undoubtedly you would like to see the results of their work, so here is a selection of diane’s:

seidner rosenmiller 5

and here is some of nick’s:

seidner rosenmiller 4 seidner rosenmiller 11

some of the details on how to reach their studio for a visit or classes:

Rising Meadow Pottery
50 West Street
Middletown Spring, Vermont 05757

Phone: 802.235.9429

Email: rmeadow@vermontel.net


their work is also available at:

Epoch Gallery  4927 Main Street, Manchester Center, VT 05255   802.768.9711

Collective  47 Central Street, Woodstock, VT  05091   802.457.1298

please take the time to support another local artist during the year of the arts and collect and use one or many of their highly functional pots.  because art matters (BAM VT)!  and just a few more images to leave you with, hopefully, the desire to add these to your daily eating rituals:

seidner rosenmiller 1

seidner rosenmiller 9 seidner rosenmiller 10

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